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The Science of Alcohol and Breast Milk

Lisa Dispensa

Breastfeeding moms often have to address the topic of  drinking alcohol while breastfeeding. Read on to learn about alcohol's actual impact on breast milk.

Mommy Mocktails for Alcohol-Free Breastfeeding

Lisa Dispensa

Who's to say postpartum moms can't enjoy a refreshing beverage? These mocktails are so tasty, you may forget that they're alcohol free! Check out our quick recipes and suggestions for...

Facts on Alcohol Metabolism While Nursing

Lisa Dispensa

What are the actual risks and considerations around consuming alcohol while nursing? Learn about how alcohol affects your body while nursing.

Does Drinking Beer Help Increase Milk Supply?

Lisa Dispensa

Does beer increase milk supply? Learn more about the effects of beer on lactating mothers and how you can safely boost your milk supply.