All products (except panty products) are eligible for return within 30 days from the date of purchase. NOTE: all panty products are undergarments, and as such, are not eligible for returns.

Shipping costs won't be refunded if an item is returned.

This 30-day return policy is limited to the United States and is for unworn/unused product ONLY. All returns must be received in our warehouse within 60 days from purchase to be eligible. Returns are inspected upon receipt at our returns facility.


To return your product, email with your name, address, order number and email address that is associated with your order. Once we have your information, we will provide a prepaid shipping label to you by email to use for your package. 

For refunds, we will credit your account within 15 business days of receipt of your packaged return, according to the policies stated above. Upspring is not responsible for any open balances, overdraft fees or service charges resulting from the timing of charges or credits to your account.

We can only accept returns for items purchased directly from our site.  If you purchased your Upspring product from someone other than Upspring direct, please contact that retailer for their process. 


Upspring reserves the right to avoid shipping to an address or name that is different from the credit/debit card name and address. If you wish to ship your purchase to another name or another address that is not the same as what is on your credit/debit card billing statement, you must first register that address with your credit card's issuing bank.

In such an event that the "ship to" address is different than the "bill to" address, we will first validate the address with your credit/debit card company. If your credit/debit card company cannot validate the "ship to" address, we reserve the right to not process your order. This is for your protection as well as that of Upspring's.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties in browsing, or if you have problems completing your online purchase, please e-mail

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