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Milkflow® Breastfeeding Soft Chews, Berry Flavor, 28 Ct

Milkflow® Breastfeeding Soft Chews, Berry Flavor, 28 Ct

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Milkflow’s Berry Flavor Soft Chews are crafted with a proprietary blend of milk-enhancing ingredients like fenugreek and blessed thistle, plus the delightful taste of berries. Specially formulated with ingredients recommended by lactation consultants, these herbs have been cherished for centuries to encourage milk supply. The ingredients in UpSpring’s Soft Chews work with your body, nurturing the natural processes that promote healthy lactation.*

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Product Description

Boost your breast milk supply with confidence! UpSpring’s Milkflow Soft Chews combine lactation-boosting herbs in a tasty, convenient snack. Perfect for busy moms on the move, these berry-flavored chews support the hormones essential for breast milk production.* 

Feel empowered in your breastfeeding journey! 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


For best results, take two (2) chews up to twice daily to support your lactation needs in a tasty and convenient way.*

Convenient Chewable Form

Easy to take anywhere, anytime.

Snackable Delight Experiences

A delightful berry flavor that satisfies your snack cravings.

Lactation Consultant Recommended Ingredients

Trusted breast milk boosters for peace of mind.

Assured Quality by Third Party Tests

Relish each chew knowing they're non-GMO and gluten-free.

How This Helps Moms

Milkflow Soft Chews are the perfect blend of function and flavor, designed to be a mom’s best friend for lactation support, especially when life gets hectic.

How To Use
  • Take two (2) chews up to twice daily.
  • Do not take while pregnant.
  • Start taking Milkflow as early or as soon as you want after birth to enhance you breast milk supply.

Made with love. Backed by science

At UpSpring, we nurture the nurturers. So, you will feel cared for too. All our wellness solutions are made with love and backed by science.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a galactagogue?

A galactagogue is any substance used to induce or stimulate milk supply.

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is a plant from India and the Mediterranean, used by generations of women to promote breast milk production due to its herbal galactagogue properties. It is the most commonly used galactagogue in the world.

What is Blessed Thistle?

Blessed thistle is a bitter tasting prickly plant found in the Mediterranean region, and related to the daisy family. It is considered an herbal galactagogue, recognized for its ability to support breast milk production.

What is Anise?

Anise seeds from the flowering Anise plant are considered galactagogues supporting breast milk supply. Anise adds a light licorice flavor to many cuisines and is native to eastern Mediterranean and southwest Asia.

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