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Milkscreen® Alcohol Test Strips for Breast Milk

Milkscreen® Alcohol Test Strips for Breast Milk

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Know your breast milk supply is ready! Our Milkscreen breast milk test strips detect alcohol and give you peace of mind in just 2 minutes.

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Product Description

Know your breast milk supply is ready!

Breastfeeding moms can celebrate with peace of mind in 2 minutes. Our MilkScreen breast milk test strips for alcohol have been trusted by moms for over 10 years. MilkScreen test strips detect alcohol in breast milk, even at low levels, so you can feel reassured knowing your breast milk is ready for your baby.

Send off this popular baby shower gift or stock up for yourself! MilkScreen makes a delightful gift for a mama-to-be.

While the overall recommendations (by AAP, World Health Organization (WHO), and others) are to avoid alcohol, a small or standard drink is considered acceptable, and breastfeeding should be avoided for at least 2 hours after consumption. The reason is that alcohol is metabolized and eliminated from the blood and breast over time. As a result, it is not recommended to pump and dump the milk, but rather wait before the next feeding if possible.

Consult with your medical professional for any questions about alcohol consumption while breastfeeding.

This product is not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or other health-related conditions in women or nursing babies.


Just saturate the MilkScreen alcohol test strips with breast milk. If the test pad changes color at 2 minutes, alcohol is present (at or above 13.1 mg/dL). No more guessing.

Check for color change test instructions inside the box.

Why Mamas Love Milkscreen

Peace of mind in 2 minutes

Feel reassured knowing your breast milk is ready for your baby.

Trusted by moms for over 10 years

And we have a feeling you’ll love it, too.

Popular baby shower gift

Give the gift of peace of mind to a soon-to-be mama.

Helps moms celebrate responsibly

We’re here to support your breastfeeding journey, no matter the occasion.

How This Helps Moms

No two women metabolize alcohol at the same rate. There are many factors that affect the metabolism of alcohol, such as body weight, the type and amount of alcohol you drink, and how much and when you've last eaten. UpSpring MilkScreen test strips will help you feel reassured knowing your breast milk is ready for baby. More fun. Less worry. UpSpring is here to support your long breastfeeding journey and we don’t want you to stop due to a celebratory occasion.

How To Use
  • Step 1: Saturate test pad with breast milk.
  • Step 2: Wait 2 minutes.
  • Step 3: Check for color change test instructions.

Made with love. Backed by science

At UpSpring, we nurture the nurturers. So, you will feel cared for too. All our wellness solutions are made with love and backed by science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test using refrigerated or frozen breast milk?

Yes, but the milk should be brought to room temperature before testing. Once the milk is at room temperature, gently swirl the bottle containing the breast milk and pour a small amount into a container. Use milk from the container to perform the test.

Do the Milkscreen test strips expire?

Yes. The expiration date is embossed on the back of each foil pouch containing a test strip. You’ll also find it on the outside of the package, on a sticker under “LOT.” The expiration date will be shown by year and month (e.g., 2016-08).

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