Your Baby's Digestive Issues

The Solution to Your Baby’s Digestive and Tummy Troubles that In-the-Know Moms are All Talking About

The Solution to Your Baby’s Digestive and Tummy Troubles that In-the-Know Moms are All Talking About

A Simple Way to Solve Digestive and Gas Issues for Babies and Toddlers

As moms, we’ve all been there; your baby or toddler has an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea or other digestive issues that you just can’t seem to solve no matter what dietary things you restrict or eliminate.

That’s why it’s time to reconsider the elimination mentality and instead consider adding something to their diet...a probiotic!

More than just nature’s best bet for your baby or toddler’s tummy troubles including constipation, gas and diarrhea, but a quality probiotic also aids with immune health.

Adding a good probiotic to your baby, or toddler’s, diet is a good way to help build the collection of ‘good bacteria’ that can help keep them healthy! As more and more studies are showing, the brain and gut connection is strong.

We know the gut microbiome plays a huge role in the development of the nervous system, and signaling from the brain affects the composition of the gut flora.

In layman's terms, a happy gut means a happy, healthy child.

Also, did you know that just six weeks of daily colostrum has been shown to promote a healthy gut lining, which makes probiotics and nutrients more bioavailble!*

Solving for the Digestive Upsets in Your Newborn

Digestive Upset in Newborns

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new bundle of joy home. From the moment we meet our little ones, we want nothing but the best for them.
We give them all the love we have and things rock smoothly along. Then, comes that fateful day when the crying doesn’t stop.
You have changed, burped, rocked, and patted – yet their screams of agony continue.
Digestive upset such as constipation, gas, hard stools and diarrhea make for a very unhappy baby! As an adult that has more than my fair of the same issues, I take daily probiotics to help keep my digestive track working smoothly. It only makes since that probiotics will help babies and kids too! Have you heard of UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum?

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The Importance of a Well-Balanced Microbiome for Babies and Kids

The Importance of Balance in Your Baby's Gut

When a little one has an upset tummy, the whole household will know pretty quickly. I have a nephew who was just really prone to having an upset belly.
I remember babysitting him and being shown how to hold him in a certain position that comforted him the most. Sometimes it seemed as if nothing could help him. He was so tiny and his little face would get so red and he would have this really angry sounding scream. He was not happy.
After several doctors visits his formula was changed to one that helped some, but he still had bouts of belly upset after that. I never really heard about probiotics until just a few years ago.
Now, more and more people are learning the importance of a well-balanced microbiome. The microbiome is the collection of bacteria that children inherit from birth that control gut and immune health for years to come.

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Keeping Baby’s Gut Healthy with NO sugar, dyes, gluten or hormones!

Try UpSpring Probiotic Sample

When our 6th baby was born I was told he may have a few health issues because we was born early. Unfortunately the doctors were right. From early on he would scream and cry because he had gas, colic and reflux.
As a mom it breaks my heart to see one of my children hurt or upset. If there was a way for me to take any of my kids pain away and pass it to myself I would in a heartbeat. I recently read about a product on-line that can help his little tummy. UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum not only reduces digestive upset but it provides additional immune support.
It provides six probiotic strains plus prebiotics which are helpful for the bacteria flourish each containing five million active cultures. The colostrum also acts like a prebiotic which provides a full range of antibodies for even more immune support. There are so many products on the market with sugar and dyes but UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum contains NO sugar, dyes, gluten or hormones!

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Supporting the Immune System for Healthy Bodies and Happy Tummies

Though it is a known fact that children fall sick very quickly when compared to adults, it is terrifying watching your child go through it. I was taking my son to the play and learn classes a few days a week and very soon he got sick with diarrhea.
When I took him to his pediatrician, she assured us that he will be fine soon and informed us that getting sick is a part of the developing immune system for kids. However, she did tell us to use probiotics which can help reduce the problem. That is when I hit the shelves of the store to buy the ideal probiotic for my little one and came across UpSpring's Probiotic + Colostrum.

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Discovering Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying – Probiotics for Baby

Why Probiotics Help Your Baby

I will never forget when my first born was 4 days old the overwhelming feeling of defeat and despair that took over. She was so fussy and crying so much and I could not figure out how to make her happy. I remember giving her a bath, changing her clothes (I was sure there was a scratchy seam) I nursed her, I rocked her, I sang to her and I shushed her.
Finally, I called my husband in tears sure I was a failure of a mother. While the culprit of her discomfort did end up being my fault it was not because I was a failure as a mom. She was severely lactose intolerant and that pizza I ate the first night home was not playing nice with her tummy.
So many things were suggested to help alleviate her discomfort as the dairy made its way out of both of our systems but not once was a probiotic recommended. All my kids are lactose intolerant and they all slip up and eat dairy sometimes. One of the things I rely on to keep their tummies balanced are probiotics.

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Easy Ideas to Mix a Probiotic Into Your Newborn or Toddler’s Food or Drink - HAPPY TUMMY, HAPPY TOT!

Easy Ways to Mix in Probiotics with Your Baby's Food

My daughter LOVES to eat and LOVES her veggies. I am a SUPER lucky mommy, I know! However, there are days when she only wants to drink her milk, eat a cheese stick or cereal bar and not sit for another meal all day. It seems like it is a hit or miss with her daily.

Luckily, I have discovered the UpSpring’s Probiotic + Colostrum. They are so easy to use because they are single serve packets. Since they are a flavorless powder it is easily mixed with her every day drinks. What makes me a happy mommy is that they are sugar free, free of hormones and non GMO. Win -Win!

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Being a mom comes with so many challenges, but luckily an upset stomach, gas, diarrhea or other digestive issues don’t have to be one of them. 

UpSpring’s Probiotic + Colostrum does double duty, helping to reduce occasional digestive upset like constipation, gas and diarrhea, while also providing additional immune support.*

With 6 probiotic strains plus prebiotics (which help the beneficial bacteria flourish), each serving contains 5 billion active cultures.

Colostrum, too, acts like a prebiotic, plus it provides a complete range of antibodies for even more immune support and provides growth factors to support a healthy gut lining.*

Help your child stay healthy and consider adding the Upspring Probiotic+Colostrum to your newborn, toddler or school-aged child’s diet. Also available at Target and Walgreens nationwide.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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