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Birth can be hard, but my darling, so are you.

If you're in the third trimester and preparing to give birth, be sure to read these powerful birth stories from UpSpring mommas who share their unique stories of hope and encouragement. Birth is different for every mom.

It's even different from baby to baby! But one thing these's beautiful birth stories will remind us is that the strength of a mother is unwavering.

Women are AMAZING! Dear expectant momma, if you find yourself worrying about giving birth or are over analyzing whether you're prepared or not, know that you were born to do this.

Literally. It's important to also note, that while giving birth to a healthy baby is not the only measure of a good birth. If you've given birth and it was traumatic, or are preparing to give birth and are concerned, let these stories be a guide and a reminder that you are not alone in the sisterhood of motherhood.

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If any of these stories give you hope or encourage you, please reach out to these amazing mommas and let them know how their stories had a positive impact on you!

Sandra's Birth Story
Sandra P - Closely Monitored in 3rd Trimester

Samantha D - Second Time Around, 
Didn't Realize She Was in Labor
Nidia's Birth Story
Nidia G - Having a Birth Support Team was Critical

Finding Joy After Infertility &
A High-Risk Pregnancy
Sandra's Birth Story
Sandra P - Closely Monitored in 3rd Trimester

Samantha D - Second Time Around, 
Didn't Realize She Was in Labor
Nidia's Birth Story
Nidia G - Having a Birth Support Team was Critical

Finding Joy After Infertility &
A High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy, 3rd Trimester Tests and Fetal Monitoring

Sandra P. - Follow her on IG: @xxsandraxx85

My pregnancy was happy and smooth with no morning sickness at all, but I did have other symptoms just not the pregnancy glow.

I had acne, dry skin and dandruff from the very start. The first trimester meant sore breasts, crazy dreams and the beginning of my frequent restroom breaks. 

After doing my research and reading about delivery, I decided that I wanted to have an all natural birth. Also, because my mom had delivered my sister and I naturally. If she can do it, I can do it.

At 32 weeks, I went to the doctors because I had really itchy hands and feet. It was so bad they wanted to run some tests to make sure it wasn’t cholestasis.

Luckily, it was negative, but during that appointment they noticed protein in my urine and an arrhythmia in my baby’s heartbeat.

Since then I had been going to Non Stress Tests(NST’s) twice a week to monitor the beating. My husband went to every doctor and ultrasound visit except for the NST’s since I did them before going to work. 

During an ultrasound towards the end of my pregnancy, I was measuring with very high amniotic fluids.

The doctor had told me it can cause issues.

For instance, if my water were to break with the excessive amount of fluids I had, it could be possible for the umbilical cord to come out along with the fluids and could lead to an emergency C-Section.

So to avoid this risk, my OB was going to schedule me to be induced on the due date. I prayed that my water wouldn’t break and I’d having contractions instead!

When I was 39 weeks and 1 day, my husband had the day off and joined me to my NST appointment.

They usually monitor the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions for about half an hour, but this NST was a lot shorter than the others. I came to realize that the baby’s heart rate had decelerated at one point during the test.

The nurse showed the doctor and my OB the chart of the results to determine an outcome. 

Finally, they came back telling us to go across the street to the hospital to have the baby.

My husband and I were shocked and excited at the same time. My OB planned to induce me that same day!

They told us it’s easier to monitor the baby outside the womb if the baby were to have any complications. I wasn’t scared at all and totally agreed with them.

The baby and I were in no grave danger so they let us go back home to get our bags.

I was already packed (I now know that you don’t really need that much stuff since the hospital has it all).

I ate a huge Mexican dinner before we left since I knew I wasn’t going to be allowed to eat at the hospital. The car seat was already in the car and we were set to go.

We checked into the hospital on 7/26/18 at 8pm (around 2 hours after we were told to go to the hospital) and I was already 3cm dilated.

At around 2am there was a little scare when the nurse came running into my room telling me to quickly lay on my side and had given me an oxygen mask.

Due to the baby’s heart rate decelerating, she had to take me off Pitocin (a synthetic drug that makes you go in labor).

Taking me off of it delayed my labor by several hours. I wasn’t feeling any contractions until later that morning when they put me back on Pitocin.

When the doctor came to check on me later that afternoon I was only at 4cm! So they decided to break my water to get things going, but that didn’t do anything except make my contractions stronger.

My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart the whole way through and were so bad that I thought the baby would arrive soon!

However, that was not the case, my baby’s heartbeat was decelerating again and this time they took me off Pitocin for good. My OB decided the safest way to deliver her was via C-Section.

They acted really fast. I was literally told that I needed a cesarean about half an hour before the baby was born. 

On July 27, 2018 I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. My husband and I named her at birth Isabella Rose. We had a few names picked out and we had the hardest time picking out names but when we saw her we knew!

My husband changed all of Isabella’s diapers in the hospital and picked her up every time she cried while I laid hopeless in the hospital bed. My first time off the bed was super painful.

I dreaded having to get up every time, but the nurses were there to help. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it at home.

The walks around the hospital though weren’t too bad and I think that’s what really helped get better.

UpSpring Birth Mom Stories

I felt like I was recovering fast. The incision looked so good that I’d move around more than I was supposed to.

I didn’t realize how intense the surgery was until my doctor told me at my follow up that I needed to rest! I did get random sharp pains near the incision, which in fact I still get til this day and I’m 11 weeks postpartum.

Every new mom needs to understand that plans do change, but in the end everything will be okay.

I’m grateful for the all help I received during my recovery. Despite everything that went “wrong” I was pleased with my entire experience.

I was calm during every moment. Yes, the contractions do hurt. Yes, C-Section is a major surgery.

And yes, you won’t get much sleep after the baby is born, but it is ALL worth it! I recommend Moms not to forget to take care of themselves, too.

Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, wear a girdle and take your prenatal vitamins. I regret not wearing a girdle afterwards. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and used Upspring Milkflow to help with my milk production.

I’m stocking up before going to work, but for now I’m bonding with my little one as much as I can. 

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Second Time Around, Didn't Realize She Was In Labor

Samantha D. - Follow her on IG: @lovvesammay

Samantha's Second Time Around Birth Story

Before going into labor I was anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time. This was my second child so you would think I’d be a pro at it.

No, not really. It felt all new to me again having to experience labor pains, learning how to cope especially without my husband by my side (due to work).

I prepared myself prior to the big day, looking up how to properly breathe during labor, how to ease the labor pains, what positions to be in to have a comfortable experience.

All of that did come in handy, but sometimes things don’t goes as planned so you do the best you can.

I really didn’t know I was in labor at home until I got to the hospital and the doctor checked my cervix and saw that I was already 5 cm dilated.

So she had me walking around for 2 hours at the hospital, while I was in labor, to help my cervix open up.

So overall I was in intense labor for two hours and the next 30 minutes I had my son. I did end up giving birth naturally which was what I wanted for my birth plan.

The biggest surprise for me with becoming a second time new mom to my son is having that feeling of being responsible for two little human beings.

I have a daughter and it was just me and her for three whole years before I had my son.

So having him made me feel extremely grateful and I had so much love to give! It’s such a surreal feeling.

I mean aside from having to stay up most nights and change diapers or for a feeding is definitely a surprise again. Hahaha.

My postpartum recovery definitely wasn’t easy for me this time around. I developed a hormonal rash three days after giving birth that spread all over my body and was really itchy to the point where I just broke down and cried.

It really took a toll on me, but I was so grateful that it didn’t happen to my son and it was just me.

The rash did end up going away, but I’m now left with discoloration all over. But it’s all temporary I try not to let it get to me and just look at my son because it was all worth it.

Best Advice for Other Moms on Birth Stories

The best advice I can give other moms is that everything is temporary the pain of labor, the teething phases, the terrible twos.

Just soak up every moment of it because life goes on and kids grow next thing you know your once little baby is now off to college. Also, to ask for help when you need it.

It’s hard doing everything on your own, but if there’s a chance someone can lend a hand don’t be afraid to ask.

My favorite product is the Postpartum Shrinkx Belly Wrap. I’ve actually been wearing it while I workout and it has helped a ton with my diastasis recti!

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Having a Birth Support Team Was Critical

Nidia G. - Follow her on IG: @nidializbet

I had never experienced what contractions felt like so when my water broke around midnight I knew that I would soon feel those famous labor pains… and you know what, I was super excited!

I had done hours of research; I had read a few birthing books, watched encouraging birth vlogs, and I simply had the confidence that God would give me the all the strength I needed to endure the labor.

So, when I arrived at the hospital (which was 45 minutes away… thankfully my water broke before traffic!) I was admitted because I was already dilated 5 cm! I was so happy… and that’s about when I threw up!

The nurse had given me apple juice to wake my baby up and that apparently didn’t sit well, or I was just too nervous and excited but with pain on my yeah, a lot of feelings!

Once they hauled me to the labor room I remember laying in a fetal position with my right hand holding onto the railing of my bed, and my left hand being held by my husband.

A few hours later (felt like minutes to me) my sisters and mom walked in and they would each take turns stroking my hair back, rubbing my back, holding my hand, and telling me how strong I was.

I had the best support team ever!

Sometime around 6am I felt the urge to push, I was only 9cm though so I had to lay on my back until I was finally 10cm.

When my midwife came in I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t go to any birthing classes so I was very unprepared for this next part.

Thankfully my amazing team helped me to sit up, hold my chin down, and I pushed and pushed until… both my legs decided to give me cramps!!!

Everyone in the room was laughing because I had to have them rub both my calves and I couldn’t concentrate on my pushing until those went away! (talk about mood kill).

Moments later I managed to push my baby out and everything around me seemed foreign. All I knew is that there’s a baby on my chest and somehow, I am his mother. 

It’s funny to me when I think back of all the preparations I thought I did, of all the equipment I brought to the hospital that I thought I would use, or the birth plan I carefully wrote out that I never even looked at.

Because the truth of the matter is that us women are pretty amazing!

Our bodies have been preparing for this very moment since the day we were born! Never underestimate yourself.

You are capable to do this! I am so glad that I learned to maintain my calmness, to laugh and not take everything too seriously, to trust in myself, the amazing team of family and hospital staff, and because of all that

I was able to experience a whole new level of God’s love. 

More About Nidia's Birth Story

After my baby was born, the doctor told me that he needed to take daily vitamin D since apparently breastfed babies don’t receive vitamin D like formula fed babies.

As a first time mom I was very nervous to give anything to my baby, but I knew that being a good mom means that I have to be informed and that I have to give my baby the very best.

So when I came across the Vitamin D3 by UpSpring I knew that they had done their research and that this was the very best for my baby!

I’m so glad I did because my baby grew up super strong! He started taking his first steps at only eight months! I highly recommend their vitamins! 

Now I can publicly say that I cannot wait to be pregnant again so that I can purchase more UpSpring products like; the Prenatal+ vitamin, Milkflow, Shrinkx Belly Band, and the Walking Wings for when my baby learns to walk! 

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Finding Joy After Infertility & A High-Risk Pregnancy

Melanie D. - Follow her on IG: @ms_melanie5678

Melanie's Birth Story of Finding Joy after Infertility

Being a new mom is hard, even if it is the second time around. In this case, it has been 6 years.

I forgot how hard the newborn stage is. Let me rephrase: losing hours what was a full night’s sleep that is now replaced with interruptions of crying, poopy diapers and spit up is hard.

The truth is that when I wake up every time rubbing my eyes to quickly find focus, I consciously make sure the voice my daughter hears has a pleasant tone.

It’s not easy and I’d much rather roll over and continue my slumber.

Yet, motherhood calls and I enjoy it because after nearly 4 years of secondary infertility, I relish in all of the moments and don’t take anything for granted.

Even when I was crying silent tears in the nighttime light during the first few weeks of breastfeeding while my nipples stung with fire and felt like what ground beef looks like,

I still found the joy. It may have come in forms of ice packs, nipple balm, and husband bottle feeding pumped milk, it was a relieved joy when I needed it.

Ever since my daughter’s first cry brought surprise and music to my ears, I make purposeful effort to find the joy.

When the nurse laid her on my chest, all I could do was smile with my eyes and my mouth with pure shocking excitement. 

My birth experience with my son in 2012 was a completely different one. My body was needing to deliver him at 34 weeks and being induced was the plan.

It also brought on postpartum depression while finding my feet as a Mother, but I prevailed with constant support and meal train deliveries.

This time around with my daughter, 6 years later, we took every high-risk precaution just in case of a repeat performance.

She was a hopeful chance with an IUI that turned into a successful pregnancy and the goal was to make it to 36 weeks without any complications.

I found joy in weekly belly progress photos, a Costco size container of Tums, my two-week love affair with Mexican food, ultrasounds, and the moment my feet disappeared from my view. I went into this delivery full of antsy anticipation. 

Since my body miraculously made it to 37 weeks, we arrived to the hospital very early on a Saturday morning to be induced.

We were so excited the night before that we hardly slept at all. My husband said it was like waiting for Christmas morning, but bigger and better because we knew what the gift would be.

Oh the joy! We were confidently calm when it was time to push because my doctor and my delivery nurse were amazing.

They made it super easy to push out a baby, which in hindsight is hard to do, but I didn’t even break a sweat between the jokes we were making and the contractions, which made each push a breeze.

The birth plan was simple: epidural when I said so, only happy vibes allowed, and to bring our baby girl into the world safely. 

For some an induction can be scary and hardly a reason to do a happy dance.

I was more than happy to be able to deliver on my terms in this way without a complication dictating when everything would be going down.

Either way, with eagle eye observation and an amazing delivery team an induction can be quite an amazing experience.

My induction with pitocin medication began around 7:30 am, had my epidural by 10:30 am, and by 12:30 pm I was about to start pushing soon.

My daughter was born at 1:13 pm after 28 minutes of pushing. The moment it all became so very real was when my doctor said in the most calm voice, “If you can give me one more 5-second push, then I believe you can see your daughter.” 

I was filled with enormous emotion, briefly crying happy tears. When she came out and was given to me my heart grew much bigger and so much happy love overcame my entire body. It was all so worth it. 

The biggest surprise of it all was when my idea of being able to breastfeed came true. Yet, I had no freaking idea how much nipples and breast tissue hurts.

Oh. My. Gosh!

My daughter is nearly 2 months old now and I don’t go anywhere without my UpSpring Baby Nipple balm. In fact, I was gifted two others but they weren’t helping at all.

I was determined to be successful at breastfeeding and that has been all possible because of my husband.

All the gold stars for him.

Oh the joy of being able to function and get through bleeding nipples because of him! It has made all the difference in my postpartum recovery because of him.

I haven’t had bouts of depression this time around and he motivates me everyday.

When he reminds me to not overdo it, little does he know that those words give me the grace and freedom to not be so hard on myself.

That’s HUGE for a Type A personality like myself. Be forgiving with yourself. You just had a baby. A real life human baby.

Those words have helped me to find the joyous moments every single day when I look at her sweet little face. 

Melanie and her family

If there was anything I could pass onto another Mom who is having their second child after years of trying, it would be to approach the entire experience with a happy heart and it’ll make all the difference.

Absorb every moment of what almost wasn’t.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget to smile at that baby every moment you can...even through the midnight feedings and afternoon witching hour, in the cereal for dinner and the peeing when you sneeze...every moment.

Because finding the joy in the journey helps it last just a little bit longer. Lastly for breastfeeding moms, the UpSpring Nipple Balm is the BOMB! If I lost the one I have I’d cry!

I definitely need another just to keep in the other room rather than screaming out “Can someone bring me my white lid bottle?!” My 6 yr old knows it as that ;-)

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