Postpartum Girdle, Belly Band, or Wrap

Postpartum Girdle, Belly Band, or Wrap

The Long and Uncomfortable History of the Postpartum Girdle

A girdle is defined as: A belt or cord worn around the waist or a woman’s elasticized corset extending from the waist to the thigh.

Girdles have been used by women of all cultures for ages. Why? Because this garment of many different shapes and sizes helps draw the waist in and flatten the stomach.

Cumbersome? Yes. Oppressive? Maybe. Uncomfortable? Absolutely. But they got the job done.

Luckily here in the 21st century, women have many more options to flatten our bellies and slim our thighs.

Today’s shapewear makes slipping into, and out of, that little black dress a little easier. But is it the right option for the postpartum body?

Not necessarily. Your body after baby has unique needs so girdles, postpartum belly bands, and postpartum belly wraps may or may not provide the level of support and compression for a new mom.

The Evolution of Compression: Postpartum Belly Bands and Wraps

Girdles are considered shape wear and not true compression garments like a postpartum compression belly band or wrap.

Both belly bands and wraps, terms used interchangeably, are designed to be worn immediately after delivery and up to six months after to help regain core muscle memory, reduce excess fluids and expedite weight loss.

Postpartum belly bands provide more compression and support than a girdle. Postpartum girdles do not help improve posture or provide back support which can reduce lower back pain and increase comfort for new moms.

As a bonus, wearing a postpartum belly band with its added support can make you feel more comfortable, therefore increasing your mobility. And we all know, comfort and mobility is important to all women recovering after childbirth.

Postpartum girdles may also not provide the required level of compression to help reposition the uterus into its original location after birth.

Postpartum belly bands, like Shrinkx Belly, allow you to customize compression levels to help compress and draw in abdominal muscles and ligaments that have been stretched during pregnancy.

Compressing the abdominal muscles helps moms regain muscle memory and aids in faster recovery.

Postpartum belly wraps or belly bands address all of the above issues in a more convenient and easy-to-wear way.

They are also much easier to take on and off, and if you are a new mom reading, the word “easy” is music to your ears. If you have not delivered yet and you are researching how to get your pre-baby body back, trust me on this one, you want something that’s easy to use and effective.

Why not try a postpartum belly wrap and lose your post baby belly in weeks instead of months.

The only thing you have to lose is that post baby belly.

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