Compression Panties: History & How They Help

Compression Panties: History & How They Help

What’s with compression panties? Are they really helpful for a postpartum belly? Learn the history of this unique piece of clothing, and why you might consider wearing a pair of postpartum panties after giving birth.

Compression Panties: The History and Status of this Helpful Garment

Compression garments have come a long way! Long gone are the days of the old fashioned postpartum girdle our grandmother would squeeze herself into.

Today, we can not imagine life without our yoga pants and Spanx, two highly popular postpartum compression garments that help women look and feel better. But how did we get to modern day postpartum compression wear?

Historical Postpartum Compression Panties

According to fashion historians, the girdle was invented by French designer Paul Poiret in the early 1900s.

Girdles were worn by many women up until the late 1960’s to smooth and flatten the waist. But very popular postpartum girdles were also very rigid and not comfortable to wear.

Many of these girdles featured straps and snaps and even attached to stockings.

With the introduction of the new materials LYCRA (also known as Spandex and elastane), postpartum shapewear became more comfortable.

These revolutionary new materials helped replace the postpartum girdle and were quickly incorporated into shapewear for women like cpanty and other items to help the postpartum belly.

With these more elastic materials more comfortable postpartum shapewear was introduced to help slim and support the female body.

Modern Postpartum Compression Panties

Your postpartum belly benefits from compression panties which is a large contributor to why they have become a popular slimming tool for moms after childbirth.

With most women gaining 30 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, who doesn’t want a little extra slimming and shaping while you lose the extra baby weight?

Postpartum compression panties can help shape and smooth the postpartum belly, but you want to make sure you have the right amount of compression and that the compression is focused on the areas you are trying to compress and smooth.

Compression garments, or compression panties that have all around 360 degree compression (like Spanx), may be too strong for some moms. They can also cut into your waistline and shift weight resulting in unflattering bulges.

Compression panties designed just for new moms, like UpSpring Post Baby Panty, provide the medically recommended amount of compression along the abdomen where new moms want and need it most.

UpSpring Post Baby Panty provides compression to lift and smooth the post baby belly, so you will look and feel better in your clothing.

UpSpring Post Baby Panty's fluted waist is also more comfortable for postpartum moms.

Compression can help after all deliveries, but for post-cesarean moms there are different post-surgical and postpartum compression needs and risks.

For c-section moms, too much abdominal compression can alter blood flow and can also cause too much pressure on the delicate incision area.

Moms that have had a c-section should look for postpartum compression panties with graduated compression, like C-Panty, that provide a safe level of abdominal compression.

Postpartum compression panties have forever changed what we wear under our clothing and how our postpartum belly can bounce back.

With this indispensable undergarment every new mom can feel more confident and a little slimmer as she enjoys life with her new baby.

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