All Natural Vitamin D for Infants, Kids and Breastfeeding Mothers

All Natural Vitamin D for Infants, Kids and Breastfeeding Mothers

We’ve all heard about how vitamin D is necessary for a healthy diet, but what is its significance?

Research shows it is important to maintain healthy vitamin D levels throughout our lives.

That is why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all infants (breastfed and formula fed) receive 400 IU of vitamin D daily beginning the first few days of life.

D3 Vitamin for Babies

Babies grow incredibly fast and vitamin D is vital for development of strong healthy bones and teeth.

While breast milk is the recommended method of infant feeding and provides the necessary nutrients and immune factors, breast milk alone does not provide infants with an adequate intake of vitamin D so that is why pediatricians recommend supplementation.

Vitamin D for the Whole Family

Vitamin D Benefits

Experts tell us that much of our life-long health is pre-programmed in childhood, and that many adult health problems can be traced to nutrition during childhood.

Although the sun can provide us with vitamin D, sun safety is a big concern, especially for babies under the age of 6 months.

UpSpring strives to create products that solve health and wellness issues naturally and our all natural vitamin D products do just that.

All-Natural Vitamin D

UpSpring’s Baby D Vitamin D Drops for infants are all natural and contain only two ingredients – vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Wellbaby D gives baby The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended 400 IU of vitamin D3 in one small tasteless and odorless drop.

Because it is a small, concentrated dose, baby does not need a lot per serving versus other vitamin D drops on the market.

UpSpring Baby D3 Drops are also free of artificial colors, dyes and sugars so you can give only what they need when it comes to vitamin supplementation.

All the Good and None of the Bad

UpSpring gives your family the all natural vitamin D they need. We use only the cleanest, most natural, purest forms of vitamin D3 in our UpSpring Baby D concentrated drops for infants.

As moms ourselves, we know the importance of giving your family the very best of everything. 

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