Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Thinking Beyond the Bootie: Innovative Shower Gift Ideas

Attending a baby shower soon and want to be the talk of the party? Well if so you should consider something than the traditional diaper bag or cute onesie.

Why not give it a little more thought and bring a new and innovative baby shower gift for the expectant or new mom. Here are ten innovative baby shower gift ideas that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

1. Doc in a Box

Purchase a cute basket and fill it with first aid items for baby including a digital thermometer, infant vitamin D drops, non-aspirin liquid pain and fever reducer, anti-gas drops, etc.

Items like these are something baby may need when they get home from the hospital and this basket prevents mom and dad from having to run an emergency errand.

Shower Gift Aid - First Aid Basket

2. Table for Two

With a new baby in the house, new parents may not be thinking a lot about romance or having any alone time.

Give the proud parents a date night with a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants or offer to babysit the baby while they go out to grab a bite.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Night Out

3. Something Special for Mom

Who doesn’t want to be pampered?! Get the new mom a gift certificate for a pedicure or spa treatment.

If you’re not a gift card person, you can create an at home relaxation basket with a candle, lotion and nail polish.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Spa Day

4. No Filter Necessary

Instagram magnet sets add a personal touch to your fridge and a set can be created with the new parents’ Instagram photos.

You can also give a gift card for this item so that pictures of the baby can be added to the set.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Personalized Photos

5. Pour Me a Glass

After nine months of not drinking what new mom wouldn’t like a bottle of her favorite wine?

Be sure to include a box of Milkscreen so she can enjoy her gift without the worry of passing alcohol on to baby when she is breastfeeding.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Milkscreen Breastmilk Alcohol Test Strips

6. Baby Bookworm

Bring a few of your favorite books for babies and children in a basket to start baby’s first at home book collection.

This will be a great gift for parents to share with their children (and can keep for siblings!)

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Basket of Books

7. The Baby Files

Help keep mom organized by maki will be able to keep everything baby all in one place.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Records Organizer

8. Say cheese!

No one wants to forget that adorable baby face. Schedule a prepaid newborn portrait session for the baby.

The new parents will be able to cherish these photos forever.

Baby Shower Gift Idea - Baby Photographer

9. Let Her Milkflow: An Innovative Baby Shower Gift Idea

Know a mom planning to breastfeed?

Give her Milkflow Drink Mix to help promote a healthy breast milk supply.

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