I Support Breastfeeding Campaign

I Support Breastfeeding Campaign


This August during Breastfeeding Awareness Month, UpSpring launched the “I Support Breastfeeding” campaign.

The campaign was designed to encourage and celebrate breastfeeding journeys of all shapes and sizes, whether that journey lasts two years, two days, or anywhere in between.

As a company that has the privilege of interacting with breastfeeding moms on a daily basis, and as former breastfeeding moms ourselves, we felt it necessary to create an open and honest dialogue surrounding breastfeeding - a dialogue rooted in acceptance and support, no matter your experience.

I Support Breastfeeding Campaign

No two breastfeeding journeys are alike and for many moms, breastfeeding comes with a full spectrum of emotions, from confidence and joy to uncertainty and frustration.

In those moments of doubt, it’s easy to feel alone or like you’ve done something wrong, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The I Support Breastfeeding Campaign is designed to say, “We see you, and we support you, momma, wherever you are. No exceptions.”

 UpSpring founders Support breast-feeding

To serve as a symbol of UpSpring’s “I Support Breastfeeding” campaign, we launched a custom pin featuring a breastfeeding mom and baby, encircled in a heart.

Whether you have experienced breastfeeding firsthand or not, this pin is an outward expression of support for the unique experience that unites women all around the world.

Breastfeeding Support Pin

With the “I Support Breastfeeding” campaign everyone can help show support for breastfeeding - for a loved one, a complete stranger, or even some much-needed self-love.

Join the I Support Breastfeeding Campaign today!

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