Breastfeeding Accessories That Moms Will Love

Breastfeeding Accessories That Moms Will Love

We asked several board-certified Lactation Consultants what nursing accessories families are reporting as essentials for breastfeeding.

It seems evident that a few well curated products and tools can make breastfeeding so much more enjoyable.

While having a baby marks one of the most costly events in a family's life. We now have products that can do everything from rocking baby to alerting you when it is time to feed.

Some of these products have revolutionized the way we parent while others are simply a waste of money. It is important to remember that you are still a good parent if you don't have every gadget and tool available on the market.

After all, women have been breastfeeding babies as long as we have been mammals with only a breast and a comfy place to lie down.

If you have the means or can put these on your baby registry, here are products recommended by top lactation consultants.

The Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding pillows come in all shapes and sizes and are lovely for any breastfeeding position that requires mom to sit upright. We recommend those that are firm and flat where they meet your body.

The goal of any quality positioning pillow is to elevate the baby to level of mother’s breast and maintain stability there thus taking some of the weight off of mom’s arms.

In addition to pillows that support baby while breastfeeding, moms with larger breasts may want a pillow to support and lift the breast. 

Some lactation consultants roll up a wash cloth to place under moms breast but the Wellmom Breast Pillow is more convenient and comfortable for moms needing a little more support.

Nipple Creams and Balms

Not all women will need nipple cream but it is important to be prepared ahead of time with one that you feel safe using.

We recommend nipple cream that has only a few ingredients and is lanolin-free.

Breastfeeding App

These apps can just be downright cool. Many of the top breastfeeding apps help you keep track of diapers, feeds, and weights taking some of the guesswork out of gauging milk transfer.

Most families report using the app until baby surpasses birth weight and the pediatrician recommends that baby be allowed to eat on demand. Find your favorite apps on the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

Nursing clothes

Many lactation professionals recommend that you wait two weeks after the birth to purchase a traditional nursing bra.

Some of our favorite nursing wear including breastfeeding nightgowns that criss cross in the front, nighttime nursing bras, and the infamous breastfeeding tank tops come in general sizes and making them easy to have on hand when baby arrives.

Burp Cloths and a Waterproof Bed Pad

Seriously! Get these! Babies make a mess in general but when you are breastfeeding fluids get everywhere. Make your breastfeeding environment reflect that.

A Swimming Noodle

This sounds a bit wacky however it is a good investment. It is best to lie down in a safe sleep environment when you are tired and breastfeeding.

A swimming noodle placed at the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet creates an obstacle for baby falling off the edge in case you fall asleep. Find online at in season or a swim shop in the off-season.

Baby-Wearing Sling

A sling can be a great tool to assist you in breastfeeding while you attend to other duties both inside and outside of the home.

Keeping your baby close while it sleeps may encourage longer and more restful sleep enabling you to take care of yourself.

We prefer slings that distribute baby’s weight to both of your shoulders and your hips as well as allows baby to be placed on your back or front.

Electronic Reader Pre-loaded with Your Must Read Books

Face it. You are going to have some extra time while you are feeding to either watch TV or enrich your imagination with the joy of reading.

An electronic reader is lovely because it can easily be held in one hand while the other hand holds baby to breast.

The Most Fabulous Water Bottle in Existence

We all agree that we drink more water when our water bottle is the exact color, material, shape, etc.

Basically use the principle set forth by one famous book on how we interact with our things.

If it sparks joy you will value it more and use it more. Buy the fancy water bottle you love and drink your water!

A High-Quality Vitamin-D Supplement for Yourself and Baby

Breastmilk is the perfect food for babies however, we face a chronic deficiency of Vitamin D in the majority of Americans. Due to this many American women have deficient amounts of Vitamin D in their breast milk.

The AAP now recommends that all breastfed babies receive aVitamin D supplement.

Many of these products contain artificial flavors and preservatives. Look for a Vitamin D that does not contain artificial ingredients or unnecessary sweeteners.

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